Developing reflection-in-musicking in creative practices

  • Tine Grieg Viig Faculty of Education, Arts and Sports, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, The Grieg Academy, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen, Norway


This article examines the development of reflection-in-musicking in a Write an Opera project at a Norwegian upper secondary school. As part of a PhD project, this case study focuses on a group of seven participants collaborating to create music for an opera with a professional composer facilitating the process. Interviews, observations and video-recordings make up the body of the empirical material. Theories of musicking (Small 1998) and reflection-in-action (Schön, 1983, 1987), and a sociocultural perspective, have been central to understanding the creative practices examined in this study. Learning features found build on socially and culturally co-constructed repertoires of experience, knowledge and skills. Three modes of reflection-in-musicking are identified from the empirical data: aesthetic, artistic and structural.

Original Articles
creative practices, creative music making, reflection-in-action, musicking, facilitation