Who are the music student teachers in Norwegian generalist teacher education? A cross-sectional survey


  • Eyolf Thovsen Nysæther Western Norway University of Applied Science, Norway
  • Catharina Christophersen Western Norway University of Applied Science, Norway
  • Jon Helge Sætre Norwegian Academy of Music, Norway
DOI: https://doi.org/10.23865/nrme.v2.2988


This study is based on data from a national survey of generalist student teachers specialising in music in the new five-year primary and lower secondary school teacher education programme in Norway. The study aims to map students’ backgrounds, experiences of the educational programme and visions for their future practice as generalist music teachers in schools. The theoretical perspective is cultural-historical activity theory (CHAT). The findings suggest that generalist teacher education music programmes reproduce patterns of inequality. These patterns should be addressed in the future development of the programmes; however, the current lack of diversity may inhibit conditions for transformation and change.





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CHAT, educational development, generalist music teacher education, student music teachers