Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Nordic Research in Music Education has an open submissions policy – the editors welcome submissions that fall within the scope of the journal’s publishing program at any time. Calls for papers for planned, thematic issues may also be announced. In this overview, you will find information regarding the guidelines and procedures for the submission of manuscripts. We look forward to receiving your contribution!


  1. Before you submit your manuscript, we ask you to read the guidelines closely. Please make sure that notes and references comply with the guidelines, and that the number of characters (including spaces) do not exceed 60 000 for research articles and 30 000 for commentaries.

  2. All articles must be thoroughly edited and proofread prior to submission. Manuscripts that are not language-checked will not be considered for review.

  3. The journal uses double blind reviewing of manuscripts. Please provide information about the author(s) in a separate Title Page and anonymise the author(s) within the manuscript. All explicit self-references in the running text should be anonymized. Please see the guidelines pertaining to anonymisation.

  4. All authors must fulfil our criteria for authorship (see authorship criteria).


Manuscripts are submitted electronically via the journal’s electronic platform: Make a submission.

Submitted manuscripts must contain the following:

  • Title Abstract: Provide a brief abstract of max. 100 words. The abstract should state briefly the aims/purpose of the study, methodology, main findings, and conclusions 3–5 keywords
  • Articles in Scandinavian languages must include title, abstract and keywords in English
  • Notes should be numerical and organized as footnotes
  • Literature references in alphabetical order, according to APA 7 standards

In separate documents:

  • Numbered figures and tables (each as a separate file)
  • Title page: Submit a separate title page with the following information: title of the article, name(s), title(s) and institution(s) of the author(s) , date, number of words, acknowledgements and funding (if relevant).

Manuscript standard

NRME accepts articles written in Danish, English, Norwegian or Swedish. Manuscripts must not exceed 60 000 characters including spaces (not including reference list, tables or figures).

Commentaries should not exceed 30 000 characters including spaces (not including reference list).


For all citations, please follow the APA 7 standard:


References should always include a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) ​​if applicable. A DOI should be a clickable URL inserted at the end of the reference in the literature list. If you are unsure of the DOI for a given reference, or whether a DOI for the reference is available, you can search for the reference at


  • Each table/figure should be numbered and editable in Microsoft Word. Number tables consecutively with Arabic numerals and give each table a short, descriptive heading.
  • Give each column a short or abbreviated heading. Place explanatory matter in footnotes to the table, not in the heading. Explain in the footnotes all non-standard abbreviations used in the table.
  • If data from another published or unpublished source are used, obtain permission and acknowledge fully.
  • Tables should be self-explanatory and understandable without reference to the text of the article.


Notes in the manuscript should be organized as footnotes when using regular text processing software. Notes should be kept to a minimum and used only for comment.