Co-constructing an intercultural professional learning community in music education

Lessons from a Nepali and Finnish collaboration


  • Vilma Timonen Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland


This participatory action research aims to contribute to a better understanding of the advantages and complications involved in intercultural educational development work in the field of music education. The inquiry focuses on Finnish and Nepali music educators’ collaborative activities in the period 2013–2016 aimed at establishing a music teacher education program in Nepal. The collaboration is examined through the theoretical concept of a professional learning community (PLC). Particular interest is placed on illustrating the nature of the professional learning that took place for the participating teachers during the development of the intercultural PLC. The findings point towards recognizing the importance of supporting systematic collaborative operational models within and between institutions, as they hold the potential for constructing reflective, ethically engaged, and diversity-aware music education – the kind of education that is needed in these rapidly changing times.



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Timonen, V. (2021). Co-constructing an intercultural professional learning community in music education: Lessons from a Nepali and Finnish collaboration. Nordic Research in Music Education, 2(1), 161–186.



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participatory action research, professional learning community, intercultural music teacher education, professional learning, music education