Developing an understanding of intercultural music education in a Nordic setting

  • Felicity Burbridge Rinde Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway
  • Catharina Christophersen Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway


The purpose of this article is to achieve greater clarification of the meaning of the word ‘intercultural’ when used in Nordic music education research, by means of a literature review. The findings suggest that ‘intercultural’ is used in different ways, sometimes without definition. A central theme that emerges is developing student teachers’ intercultural competence through disturbance. There is little research into pupils’ intercultural competence, or intercultural music education at primary level. The findings are merged with international scholarship to envisage how different understandings of ‘intercultural’ might affect music in schools. We suggest placing intercultural music education along a continuum from intercultural approaches to music education to intercultural education through inclusive music pedagogy.

Original Articles
intercultural music education, cultural diviersity