NRME now published continuously!


The editors and editorial board of Nordic Research in Music Education are pleased to announce that, with the current volume, the journal is transitioning from an issue-based publication model to continuous publication. Rather than publishing an issue containing several articles once or twice annually, we will publish new articles on a continual basis, individually or in thematic groupings when relevant, as soon as they become ready.

Continuous publication has many benefits. The journal’s content will always be more current; articles ready early in the calendar year can be published right away, rather than wait in some case many months until an issue is published midway or at the end of the year. In short, the latest research can be published without unnecessary delay, and readers gain access to new knowledge faster and more often.

In addition, we welcome authors to submit articles continuously from now on as well, and we look forward to bringing you current research articles in NRME!